1. Mihai Limbasan

    Hi there. FYI, just managed to build Sigil 0.3.4 (latest stable) against the Fedora 15 package set, starting from the Mandriva specfile and patchset, adding the bundled Xerces-C library back in (Fedora ships 3.0 and Sigil requires 3.1), and adding a small patch to allow GCC 4.6 to build it.

    You can grab the source RPM at http://rpms.limbasan.ro/fedora/15/SRPMS/sigil-0.3.4-2.src.rpm.

    It *should* also build on F14, but I haven’t tested it. To build it, install the following packages first: rpmdevtools, cmake, qt-devel (you need 4.7.0 or higher), boost-devel, zlib-devel, and bzip2-devel. Then switch to another account (I usually create a separate account for building local packages, just in case), run rpmdev-setuptree, install the source RPM via rpm -Uvh /path/to/your/copy/of/sigil-0.3.4-2.src.rpm, cd to rpmbuild/SPECS, and issue: rpmbuild -ba sigil.spec

    I’m also providing 32-bit binaries, but since my repository is unsigned I highly recommend you don’t use them – I wouldn’t trust binaries provided by some random guy… 🙂 Also, they probably won’t work on F14 due to the different soname of the GCC 4.6 C++ runtime library.

    Hope this was useful to you!


  2. John Deighan

    That advice worked like a champ for me. I did the “maximally paranoid thing” and just moved the “bad” libraries to a directory outside the Sigil tree, but after I did that it ran like gangbusters.


  3. Hi, everyone. Since I’m still getting many downloads coming from this page, I thought I’d update.

    My GCC 4.6 patches got accepted upstream, Mandriva’s format-string patch as well, so now the only thing you need to build on Fedora against the system libraries is sigil-0.3.4-use-fedora-syslibs.patch . It still works just fine against the latest Sigil version, 0.4.2.

    The current SRPM is http://rpms.limbasan.ro/fedora/15/SRPMS/sigil-0.4.2-1.src.rpm . I will keep it updated, of course.

    Also, if you happen not to find a .rpm there – try going up in the directory tree, to, say, http://rpms.limbasan.ro/fedora/15/SRPMS/ , or even directly to http://rpms.limbasan.ro/fedora/ (just in case I ever remove the F15 repo once F20 or so comes out 🙂 ).

  4. brserek

    I’m trying to build a Sigil for Fedora 16 i686 from sigil-0.4.2-1.src.rpm. It fails compalining for qt-4.7.0 (I have qt-4.8.0). I don’t know what to do?

  5. Hi, brserek. I haven’t found the time to play with F16 yet, so for the moment I can’t help you directly. Can you perhaps post the error messages you’re getting – specifically, the last 40 or so lines from the failing rpmbuild?

  6. mihailim

    Welcome 🙂
    Two things to note:
    1. I’m running F16 x86_64, so won’t be updating the F15 repos anymore.
    2. Hans de Goede is spearheading the effort to include Sigil in F17 – you can track the progress on Fedora bug 772362 here: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=772362 . Once it’s done I’ll switch to using the distribution-maintained packages, of course.

  7. Luca


    nice repository, both for Sigil and Calibre, but I can’t use it (downloaded and added limbasan.repo to /etc/yum.repo.d).

    Is it possible to have also i386 architecture, along with X86_64?


    • Hi, Luca!

      Sorry, I stopped using 32-bit OSes beginning with Fedora 15 and unfortunately I don’t have the time required to run VMs for building on them…

    • Another thought occurs: I’m not providing 32-bit binaries, but I *am* providing the source RPMs used to generate the 64-bit binaries. You can simply try building the 32-bit binaries you need – read the first comment above, I explained how to do it there. If you’re missing some devel packages, rpmbuild will complain and tell you what you need to install. Voila, problem solved 🙂

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