Python 2.7.1 Tutorial in EPUB format

UPDATE (October 1st, 2012): need a reason to switch to Python 3? Well, it got a brand new shiny EPUB documentation!

While on the quest to exploit my ebook reader I have converted the Python Tutorial (version 2.7.1) in EPUB format; Python official documentation doesn’t support this format yet, it’s a known issue.

This is just a quick & dirty script-based conversion: I did it because, after all, the Python documentation format is rather easy to understand. Anyway, there are surely some minor or major conversion mistakes here and there due to the automatic processing… Report them at will. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Python 2.7.1 Tutorial in EPUB format

  1. P Garigue Reply

    Thanks you so much.

    It is so much easier to read the epub format on my Samsung Galaxy S than the PDF version of your tutorial.

    Again grazie mille
    P Garigue

  2. Rob Reply

    This is much better than the PDF version which looked horrible on my eReader. Thanks for doing this for all of us!

  3. ashay Reply

    can you share the script of how u converted it into epub? or any tools u used?

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