Fix Plymouth on Ubuntu after installing NVIDIA or ATI proprietary drivers

Posted on 7 November 2010 by Paolo Bernardi

This should work both for Ubuntu 10.4 and Ubuntu 10.10.

After installing NVIDIA’s or ATI’s video card proprietary driver the graphical boot, managed by Plymouth, reverts to an ugly text-only version. To restore the graphical boot you can follow the instructions written here. Basically you just have to download a script and run it:

$ cd 
$ wget 
$ chmod +x fixplymouth 
$ ./fixplymouth 

HINT: the script will ask you to select a video resolution. I think you’re better off with 1024×768-24, higher resolutions might not work.

Here’s what happens under the hood: the script installs uvesafb user space programs and configures Grub and some parameters for the uvesafb kernel module; finally it rebuilds the initramfs image and updates Grub2.

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