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I’ve been looking for quite some time for a live CD that supported Loop-AES in order to do some system maintainance on my laptop; Knoppix does a very good job at that, but unluckly it doesn’t have a recent kernel. As result, with Knoppix I could mount easily my encrypted root partition but I was unable to use both my wireless and ethernet network cards.

When I was about losing hope to have something ready and I almost started building a custom Knoppix with a recent kernel (or a custom Slax, patched with Loop-AES support) I found a wonderful Live CD that has everything I need: System Rescue CD.

The distribution's logo
The distribution's logo

The last x86 version features a kernel and full Loop-AES support. I just tested it and it works flawlessy: I can mount my Loop-AES encrypted root partition and use my ethernet and wireless network cards while running this live distribution from an USB pen-drive!

I still havn’t explored the tools available on the Live CD/USB but it looks like having a rather interesting feature list. The distribution itself is based on Gentoo Linux.

Kudos to the System Rescue CD authors… They really did a cool job! 😀

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