Nothing characterises our post-modern times more than software: you may know it as «algorithms», «artificial intelligence», but it’s really just software.

Software Engineering is a branch of engineering whose main goals are harnessing scientific software-related knowledge and making it reliably and predictably usable for the public good. It is a very young subject, abounding both in snake-oil salesmen and in exciting opportunities still to be discovered.

As a professional software engineer, I strive to develop a strong aversion for the empty promises of modern charlatans and an equally profound taste for effective and meaningful knowledge.

In this section of the website you will find reflections on software engineering, experiments (everyone needs to play) and day-to-day software tips.

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Django at the Linux Day 2008
In October the 25th I had the pleasure to do a speech at Perugia’s Linux Day. The Linux Day occurs
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Software Freedom Day 2008
On Semptember the 20th, in Perugia, I had the occasion to do a speech about Python. The presentation was part
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MOCA 2008
From August the 21st to August the 24th I’ve been at the Metro Olografix Camp (codename: MOCA), in Pescara. Metro
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