Nothing characterises our post-modern times more than software: you may know it as «algorithms», «artificial intelligence», but it’s really just software.

Software Engineering is a branch of engineering whose main goals are harnessing scientific software-related knowledge and making it reliably and predictably usable for the public good. It is a very young subject, abounding both in snake-oil salesmen and in exciting opportunities still to be discovered.

As a professional software engineer, I strive to develop a strong aversion for the empty promises of modern charlatans and an equally profound taste for effective and meaningful knowledge.

In this section of the website you will find reflections on software engineering, experiments (everyone needs to play) and day-to-day software tips.

Codice deontologico degli ingegneri (EPUB)
Per festeggiare il superamento dell’esame di Stato (ingegnere, settore ingegneria dell’informazione) metto a disposizione il codice deontologico degli ingegneri in
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Calibre Utils
A week ago I bought a new “toy”, a Sony E-Book Reader, and so far I am extremely satisfied with
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JDarkRoom Debian/Ubuntu package
I like to use “darkroom” styles editor ever so often; I mostly use PyRoom, with rather satisfactory results. Today though,
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Plymouth Wheat
This is a simple Plymouth theme (the graphical animation that you see while the system is booting), based on the
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Fix Plymouth on Ubuntu after installing NVIDIA or ATI proprietary drivers
This should work both for Ubuntu 10.4 and Ubuntu 10.10. After installing NVIDIA’s or ATI’s video card proprietary driver the
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PAES (Parallel AES or Paolo’s AES) is an OpenCL implementation of AES. I wrote it as thesis for my master
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Firefox bad rendering on Debian Squeeze with AMD Catalyst
I have just installed Debian Squeeze on my laptop. unluckily this machine has a Radeon HD3400 video card; while the
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La Storia in Giallo 2.0
Nuovo aggiornamento del programma! Questa versione contiene numerose novità: supporto aggiuntivo sperimentale per Cuore di Tenebra – Dentro la storia;
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In the Beginning was the Command Line
Why Microsoft Windows has the biggest market share? What makes Apple zealots… zealots? Why RMS created the Free Software Foundation?
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Montecastrilli Screensaver
Just a simple slideshow screensaver for Gnome; the pictures it shows are about Montecastrilli, the little town where I currently
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