Nothing characterises our post-modern times more than software: you may know it as «algorithms», «artificial intelligence», but it’s really just software.

Software Engineering is a branch of engineering whose main goals are harnessing scientific software-related knowledge and making it reliably and predictably usable for the public good. It is a very young subject, abounding both in snake-oil salesmen and in exciting opportunities still to be discovered.

As a professional software engineer, I strive to develop a strong aversion for the empty promises of modern charlatans and an equally profound taste for effective and meaningful knowledge.

In this section of the website you will find reflections on software engineering, experiments (everyone needs to play) and day-to-day software tips.

Playing around with perf
A few days ago I stumbled upon an interesting article about the performance analysis of different memory access patterns. To
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Fix Plymouth on Ubuntu after installing NVIDIA or ATI proprietary drivers for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric
While I’m not currently using Ubuntu, I’ve been told that my script to fix Plymouth for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty works
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Introduzione ad Hadoop
  Introduzione Hadoop è un sistema di calcolo MapReduce distribuito per processi di tipo batch estremamente scalabile e in grado
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How to change Thunderbird 6 default browser
Lately I’ve been playing with Opera. Despite my love for Firefox I found that I really like it, so I’ve
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Fix Plymouth on Ubuntu after installing NVIDIA or ATI proprietary drivers for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty
After installing NVIDIA’s or ATI’s video card proprietary driver the graphical boot, managed by Plymouth, reverts to an ugly text-only
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Software engineers immaturity symptoms
This is mostly an introspective article: since I’ve been a software engineer for several years now, lately I thought back
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Sigil on Fedora 14
Because of my recent interest for e-book in EPUB format I’ve started to use regularly several tools to create, edit
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Python Logo
Python 2.7.1 Tutorial in EPUB format
UPDATE (October 1st, 2012): need a reason to switch to Python 3? Well, it got a brand new shiny EPUB
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Ricetta di Calibre per Punto Informatico
Le ricette di Calibre (in inglese “recipes”) sono dei piccoli programmi che permettono di scaricare notizie dai siti più disparati
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Etica e professione dell’ingegnere (EPUB)
Nella mia opera di ricerca sulla professione di ingegnere mi sono imbattuto in questo bel documento dell’Ordine degli ingegneri di
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