Nothing characterises our post-modern times more than software: you may know it as «algorithms», «artificial intelligence», but it’s really just software.

Software Engineering is a branch of engineering whose main goals are harnessing scientific software-related knowledge and making it reliably and predictably usable for the public good. It is a very young subject, abounding both in snake-oil salesmen and in exciting opportunities still to be discovered.

As a professional software engineer, I strive to develop a strong aversion for the empty promises of modern charlatans and an equally profound taste for effective and meaningful knowledge.

In this section of the website you will find reflections on software engineering, experiments (everyone needs to play) and day-to-day software tips.

Lilium is a software system composed by a varied set of modules; the only thing that they have in common
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Il tuo lavoro verrà rubato da una macchina?
Pubblicato su Ingenium n. 110-111, aprile-settembre 2017 Periodico di informazione dell’Ordine degli Ingegneri della provincia di Terni (Rivista scientifica Cineca-MIUR
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Playing around with strace
From the strace manpage: “strace is a useful diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool”. Thanks to strace it’s possible to check what a
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The physics of software
Published on Ingenium n. 102, April-May 2015 Journal of the Terni’s Order of Engineers (Cineca-MIUR scientific magazine n. E203872) Software engineering is
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La fisica del software
Pubblicato su Ingenium n. 102, aprile-maggio 2015 Periodico di informazione dell’Ordine degli Ingegneri della provincia di Terni (Rivista scientifica Cineca-MIUR
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PhantomJS with GhostDriver on OpenShift
tl;dr PhantomJS’ GhostDriver still binds localhost only, which makes it unusable on OpenShift (there are many complains about it, like
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La corsa all’oro delle chat su smartphone
Il mercato delle app per la chat testuale tramite smartphone è in grande fermento: in teoria Facebook, forte della sua
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Switching editor tabs in Eclipse Juno SR1 is very slow
At work I am forced to use Eclipse, together with the Web Tools Platform (WTP). Lately I’ve found that switching
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Python Logo
Python: string concatenation VS list join
Probably everyone who has used Python for a while came across this classic performance hint: “instead of concatenating multiple strings
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Installare le librerie condivise di Google Maps su Android
Durante lo sviluppo di un’applicazione Android che fa uso delle librerie condivise di Google Maps mi ha riservato una bella
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