Crypto-Gram, August 2012 (in EPUB and MOBI format)

UPDATE (August 21st, 2102): previously this post’s linked files contained the July version of the newsletter by mistake; now they’re correct.

Crypto-Gram is a famous free monthly newsletter written by the security expert Bruce Schneier. The original is available at Bruce Schneier’s website; this is the same content in MOBI and EPUB format, suitable for e-book readers.


3 thoughts on “Crypto-Gram, August 2012 (in EPUB and MOBI format)

  1. Robert Reply

    Hi Paolo, thanks for the great service of providing Cryptogram in mobile format for us e-book readers. Very welcome!
    But unfortunately at least the MOBI file, though called “August edition”, just contains the July contents – something must have gone wrong… Would you be so kind to check and fix this issue? Thanks!

    Kind regards,

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