1. Giuseppe

    Thank you for your post, I found it very useful.
    One little note: on my notebook (with LinuxMint 9), the installer created a wrong symbolic link in /usr/bin.
    I updated it to the correct one with these commands:

    cd /usr/bin
    sudo ln -f -s /usr/share/lamp-icon/lamp-icon.py lamp-icon


    • Giuseppe

      (in fact, the symbolic link was linking to the file: /home/hiems/Projects/LAMP-icon/debian/lamp-icon/usr/share/lamp-icon/lamp-icon.py)

      • OK, that should have fixed it: instead of using a symlink I’ve now put a one-line script into


        that runs the real Python program. I learned something new about building Debian packages (I am quite the newbie at it, anyway), thank you! 🙂

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