Django at the Linux Day 2008

Posted on 1 November 2008 by Paolo Bernardi

In October the 25th I had the pleasure to do a speech at Perugia’s Linux Day. The Linux Day occurs every year in Italy from 2001 most of Italy’s Linux User Groups organizes events like conferences and “install fests” about Linux and free/open-source software in general. Perugia’s LUG, that I am a member of, was no exception.

My speech title was “Django: Python for the web”. Django is a Python based framework for web development that has several interesting features: among the other things it has an easy to use object-relational mapper and a powerful template system. Django based web applications are organised in a model-controller-view like structure, with few naming changes: the controllers are called views and the views are called templates. Python’s power allows run-time code generation; because of that, Django based web applications contains almost no redundant code, especially at the ORM level. Also, Django based web applications (called “projects”) are made by one or more modules (called “applications”): this encourages writing reusable components and using modules already written by other developers and already widely tested.

The speech, in Italian, consisted in two parts: a short presentation of Django and a demo based upon Django’s overview.

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