Welcome to my Weblog

Welcome to my blog! For the sake of clarity, in this entry I will explain why I have chosen to create this blog.

Briefly: to help me being a better reader and writer, among other things.

Obviously maintaining a blog helps exercising writing skills. I have chosen English because I have less occasions to use it than Italian, my native language. I chat or write emails in English quite often, but using it for a blog is much more challenging because it will be potentially readable by a lot of people (scripta manent 😉 ). Since this is an exercise in writing, please feel free and most welcome to correct me, even in a “grammar nazi” way; really, I will appreciate that. This will also be a good exercise in modesty because I tend to be real picky myself about written Italian!

This blog will also help me being a better reader. I read practically every day, both English and Italian texts; mostly I read articles related to computing science that I find on the Internet or texts that I must study for university. While I often read just for fun and pleasure, there is a lot that deserves attention and deeper thought in those readings. From my study experience I have found that summarizing important concepts that I have read by writing them down is the better way to fix them in my memory. So, part of the content of this blog will be considerations on other people’s work that I find interesting.

I probably will write about topics that I am working on, mostly university projects. I hope that doing this will give me a better insight on such topics.

Maybe I will also write down some ideas or inspirations that will occur to me from time to time, maybe I will cover other topics too rather than computing science alone; time will tell.

Phew! There goes the ritual first post. 🙂

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