Reader View

Reader View is an extension for Opera and Chrome that makes web pages more readable, by stripping away clutter like buttons, ads and background images, and by changing the page’s text size, contrast and layout.

Reader View is a porting of Firefox’s reader mode and uses its code to reformat the pages.

How to use it

Once the extension is installed, you will find a book button in the browser’s bar. When the page that you’re visiting can be reformatted to make it more readable, the book button will be enabled.

Reader View Button

After clicking on the book button, the page will be reformatted. You can tweak font and colors in a way that ‘s similar to Firefox:

Reader View preferences


  • Right after installing the extension, it might be better to close and reopen the browser, in order to make it work as intended.
  • Sometimes the extension will wrongly disable the book button even if the page can be reformatted: in that case, just reload the page and the book button will be enabled correctly.