Disabling fast user switching and guest access in Gnome

I’m still trying to tame my Ubuntu 10.04; today I wished to disable two Gnome features that I’ve never used: fast user switching and guest access. In order to do that you need to install gconf-editor, if you havn’t done that already; by using it you can then enable the following variable: /desktop/gnome/lockdown/disable_user_switching By the … [Read more…]

Mouse click screwed in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx’s Flash applets

New Ubuntu, new troubles! This time the glitch regards the Flash plugin: in my Ubuntu 10.04 64bit, clicking on buttons or other elements of flash applets doesn’t work. The fix that I used is described here: http://helpforlinux.blogspot.com/2009/11/i-cannot-click-on-flash-in-ubuntu.html. The solution is pretty simple, you just have to add the following line to the script /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer right … [Read more…]

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Among the other readings, lately I’m enjoying very much the tales of Sherlock Holmes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Months ago I bought a copy of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” at a low price out of curiousity and soon I became literally hooked. Hence I made the big step and bought a “mammoth”, a … [Read more…]

Doctor Magister

The past February 11th I graduated: now I am formally a “doctor magister” in Computer Science. That sounds really, really weird to say but it really looks good when written! Anyway, it’s just a master degree. My thesis work was an OpenCL based implementation of AES that, with a lack of fantasy, I called PAES … [Read more…]


I always loved to read, starting from Mickey Mouse when 3 years old and onward. 😉 On the Internet there is plenty of material to feed the hungriest readers, maybe even a bit too much. Reading can be done for fun or for profit… It’s best when it’s both! So, here’s two advices about reading … [Read more…]

Still tinkering with Loop-AES

Thanks to my new Toshiba Satellite A300 capabilities, from some months now I changed my Loop-AES setup to use a USB memory stick as boot device instead of the old CD-ROM. I also found a nice distribution as rescue system, System Rescue CD, which supports most of my laptop’s hardware and has built-in support for … [Read more…]

Surrexit Dominus Vere Alleluja

Happy Easter, everyone. 🙂 P.S. I think that remembering and celebrating the fact that Jesus overcame death and that ultimately we will overcome it too is especially important after the last happenings here in Italy.


The last night, at 1:32 UTC (3:32 local time), a very bad earthquake happened in the center of Italy. As official sources (link in Italian) say it was 5.8 (or 6.3) magnitude on Richter’s scale and the ipocentre was 8.8km deep. The epicentre was near the city L’Aquila, a bit more than 100km from where … [Read more…]

ZeroShell autologin

Have you ever had to regularly use a network with Captive Portal-like authentication? If you did, you surely know how annoying it can be, especially if you have some sort of automatic scripts to be executed right after connecting to the Internet. Ok, maybe it isn’t a common situation but this is my case: at … [Read more…]