Doctor Magister

The past February 11th I graduated: now I am formally a “doctor magister” in Computer Science. That sounds really, really weird to say but it really looks good when written! Anyway, it’s just a master degree. My thesis work was an OpenCL based implementation of AES that, with a lack of fantasy, I called PAES … [Read more…]

Django at the Linux Day 2008

In October the 25th I had the pleasure to do a speech at Perugia’s Linux Day. The Linux Day occurs every year in Italy from 2001 most of Italy’s Linux User Groups organizes events like conferences and “install fests” about Linux and free/open-source software in general. Perugia’s LUG, that I am a member of, was … [Read more…]

Software Freedom Day 2008

On Semptember the 20th, in Perugia, I had the occasion to do a speech about Python. The presentation was part of the Software Freedom Day program; the event was organised by the people of Free Software User Group Italy. The speech was just an introduction to Python targeted to technical high school students and professors; … [Read more…]

MOCA 2008

From August the 21st to August the 24th I’ve been at the Metro Olografix Camp (codename: MOCA), in Pescara. Metro Olografix is a no-profit association that promotes free access to computer related knowledge; the camp itself was a north European style hacking camp, with people from all around Italy and some from other countries too. … [Read more…]