1. Cool! Very informative, thank you!

    I’d like to point out (what i think is) a small typo:
    At least the Python 3 version seems to fill up the pipeline nicely (1.1 instructions per second), compared to Python 2 (less than 1 instruction per second).

    I think you meant: “instructions per *cycle* ” in both cases, yes?

  2. Gal

    Hi! Thanks allot for that!
    Do you happen to know how can I use perf to get a graph of some event as a function of time?
    Say, y-axis is the CPI and x-axis is cycles.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  3. I had a feeling something weird was going on when my Java program was slower than my python version, despite Java being compiled and python being interpreted. Thanks for the informative article.

    • Karim Manaouil

      Java is not compiled into processor native language but, instead, it is compiled into an intermediary language (Java ByteCode) which will eventually get interpreted using JVM.

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