Mouse click screwed in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx’s Flash applets

New Ubuntu, new troubles! This time the glitch regards the Flash plugin: in my Ubuntu 10.04 64bit, clicking on buttons or other elements of flash applets doesn’t work.

The fix that I used is described here:

The solution is pretty simple, you just have to add the following line to the script /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer right before the last line:


From now on, when you’ll restart any application that uses Flash your mouse clicks will work as usual!

The meaning of that environment variable is explained here: it seems like that GDK’s window hierarchy management doesn’t play well with Flash…

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  1. Gianluca Bargelli

    Grazie mille per la soluzione 🙂

    Per noi 64 bit il flash plugin ha sempre dato problemi di tutti i tipi…bah!

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